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Adult Recreational Program

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Dance offers so many wonderful benefits!  It keeps you active, healthy, and gives you a place to release frustrations.  It is a great place to make new friends and accomplish goals year after year.  We welcome anyone who wants a place to maintain their happiness and health.  

While adults are welcome to join any of our pre-professional dance programs.  We also offer recreational classes from time to time.  At this time, you are welcome to take our online classes.  Join our Facebook community so that you can keep up with any classses we offer in the future.


Jazz is a very expressive dance style that developed with the rise of Jazz music.  It is a form of modern dance with some set positions and vocabulary.  It is very sassy, fun, and usually fast-paced.  This is a great cardio class.  It is also good for uplifting the spirit and energizing the body.  This class is recommended for outgoing people who like to have fun and really show their personality. 


Tap is an extension of jazz and adds percussive sounds to accent the expressive dance form.  It uses a lot of quick foot work built on specific vocabulary.  This class is recommended for any and everyone.  It is a great cardio activity.  It compliments ballet very well because of the emphasis on rhythm and footwork.  


Hip Hop is the progression of jazz music and dance.  It is an upbeat dance form where anything goes as long as it moves with the music.  The dance form is built on free style dancing to popular music.  It is a very relaxed, fun environment recommended for any and everyone.


Contemporary, also known as modern dance, is the progression of ballet and started as a rebellion against ballet.  It allows more free-flowing movement and exploration of the body.  It is great for developing outward expression of inward thoughts and feelings.  It is much easier on the body than other dance forms. This class is recommended for introverts, people nursing an injury, or those trying to ease their way into dance.  This is also a class to consider for professional dance, more and more contemporary/modern dance companies are being established.

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