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Pre-Professional Dance Program

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Our Pre-Professional Dance Program is for ages 8 - adult.  This program is for the serious dancer.  We offer two Pre-Professional Dance Tracks: Commercial Dance and Musical Theater.  Each of these tracks focus on specific dance styles to mold the dancer and prepare them for professional careers in dance.  Classes can be added on to any program, but core classes will remain the same.  While the youngest age is 8 years old, adults pursuing professional dance careers are welcome and encouraged to enter this program at any age. 

Commercial Dance

This exciting high energy dance track is for ages 8 and up who desire to break into the commercial dance industry to appear in commercials, television shows, movies or perform behind their favorite music arts.  The core classes are Hip hop, Jazz, and Contemporary.

Musical Theater Dance

This fun, funky dance track is for ages 8 and up who desire to dance in musicals, on cruise ships, or other live stage performances.  The core classes are are Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop.  

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