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Professional Development Programs

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Your dance career starts here.  We offer two Professional Development Programs to jumpstart your dance career and introduce you to the professional world of dance.  This program is available to ages 16 - 28 years old.  Each program will take 1 - 2 years to complete and progress to the next level.  Students who enter as Trainees and Apprentices are given priority for open Company Member spots, which are paid positions in our company.

This rigorous program runs for 44 weeks includes: 3-5 technique classes per week, 1-2 company rehearsals per week, dance business workshops, fitness and nutrition classes, free tights for performances, healthy snacks, and water as well as life-long friends, professional development, performance opportunities, and a chance to build a competitive resume to pursue a professional dance career in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlanta, around the world or stay right here and discover what Greensboro and nearby cities have to offer!  Whatever you decide we are with you every step of the way!

Trainee Program Tuition (16 - 28  years) - $404/month - 3 technique classes + 1 company rehearsal per week + added services listed above

Apprentice Program Tuition (18 - 28 years) - $481/month - 5 technique classes + 2 company rehearsals per week + added services listed above


Interested students must audition to participate.  Audition information can be found here.​ 

Also check out our pre-professional program with lower monthly payments.

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